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Future Sure

Future Sure is an established distance learning centre approved by UGC where our major aim remains to offer the opportunity to the drop out students to study a wide range of courses, both graduate and post graduate through credit transfer method. We offer you a learning platform where you can make yourself academically proficient without even attending the classes. These courses have been specifically designed for working professionals and for those who were not able to complete their graduation or post graduation due to some reason or the other.

Our distance learning model will serve as a boon for these and will help them gain job-oriented skills through our part-time study courses.

Major Features of our Distance Learning Programme-
  • - A platform to achieve a UGC recognised degree.
  • - Detailed and comprehensive learning material designed by qualified professionals.
  • - Study material delivered through courier, email or e-books.
  • - Expert academic counselors ready to extend their support to the students at every moment through telecommunication, internet or message.
  • - Assessments are carried out regularly through written assignments, examinations or projects.
  • - No stress for maintaining attendance or attending the physical classes.
  • - Flexible alternative to prepare for the competitive world and gain access to learn in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.
  • - An innovative approach against the traditional classroom-based teachings.

You Can Work & Study at the same time

Because distance learning students are free to study according to their own schedules, they can easily fit in their studies around their work commitments.

Choose form a wider variety of courses

Student aren't limited to studying courses that are offered by academic institutions in their geographical areas.

It is more Affordable

There are no classroom. Student can ve money by not having to travel to classes

You Can Study at Your Own Pace

Student won't be under pressure to keep up with the rest of the class, and they won't be help back by slower students. they can also choose how much time to spend on each section of the course material

Our Vision

To establish our repute in the world of distance education and to offer our students the capability and proficiency to take a step forward towards the healthy start of their professional career.

Our Mission

To provide quality learning programmes through our wide range of courses with a belief that these learnings will offer success, growth and rise to the students and help them achieve their true potential in the professional careers.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • To adopt an optimistic approach and work in the welfare of our students.
  • To enrich their lives both socially and economically through our education and service-driven excellence.
  • To work as a bridge for them by balancing both their academic and professional life.
  • To provide the best learning facilities at highly affordable price structure.

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